Vlad Plahotniuc: After Crimea, EaP and EU must rethink their priorities

With the given opportunity to express all his opinions regarding the events from the past few years in Europe on  euobserver.comVlad Plahotniuc addressed the issue of Crimea. The official expressed his belief that this experience should make European Union and Eastern Partnership to re-evaluate their priorities, introducing security among them. PDM's President claims that by joining forces, EU and EaP can stand up and take on any threats, ensuring peace and security within their own countries. Better security can, in its turn, ensure better lives for citizens. 

"The illegal annexation of Crimea broke international law and brought political and security unpredictability to a new level.

New hybrid threats, including sophisticated fake news disinformation campaigns and cyber-attacks, could undermine our institutions and political systems at a critical moment.

As a response, I hope that we will therefore also see the emergence of a fifth priority for the Eastern Partnership – stronger security, focused on stability and resilience.

Interested EaP countries and the EU must continue to work together to identify common priorities and promote a safer and more stable neighborhood, showing that we will not be deterred by Russia's aggressive behavior.

On issues such as cybersecurity, countering propaganda and capacity building, by working together, we can contribute more to our mutual security and reinforce our ties. As a sovereign country, we are determined not to become victim of a 'spheres-of-influence' policy, but rather to be an active player in an international order based on the rule of law and universal values.

By strengthening our current EaP framework for cooperation, so that it is adapted to the realities we face in an uncertain world, we will be better able to respond to current threats and challenges and improve the lives of our citizens.

We, in Moldova, are committed and ready to take the lead in pursuit of our European future."

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