Vlad Filat requests reinvestigation and to be cleared of all charges

Attorney of Former Prime Minister, Vlad Filat, has requested the Supreme Court of Justice to re-open the case of his client and re-investigate it, to declare him free of all charges.

Igor Popa claims that his client was condemned unjustly and without any audience.

Vlad Filat wrote in August a letter to the European Court for Human Rights, stating that his name was dragged through mud when he was hauled in the Court's halls by masked individuals.

Former Prime Minister was imprisoned for 9 years and is now doing his sentence in Detention Facility No. 13 from the Capital.

Judges have also decided to confiscate all illegally obtained goods, including his lands, cars, house, as well as his shares in companies "Kapital Invest" and "Ipteh".

The seized goods are worth close to one billion lei.

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