Vitalie Vrabie inspected construction yard of new customs control area at Sculeni

Customs Director Vitalie Vrabie went to Sculeni to inspect the construction of the new customs control zone (ZCV), which is about 200 meters away from the border post. Thus, once the new ZCV has been put into operation, most of the formalities for the control and customs clearance of the goods will be carried out here, which will eliminate the stationary of the trucks, the range of which, in case of increased flow, can reach up to the locality. This is because the Sculeni customs are among the most transited border posts, being crossed weekly by about 1,800 trucks.

Vitalie Vrabie met with the project managers on the site and agreed with them how to place the main elements of the infrastructure. At the same time, the head of the Customs has called for urgent work so that the new customs control area will be operational starting next spring.

The acceleration of the commissioning of the ZCV is also conditional on the initiation of the capital reconstruction of the Sculeni border post, which, although it will remain functional during the works, will, however, reduce its capability.

According to the project, the new ZCV will cover an area of 0.67 ha, which will allow the construction of a batch for the stationing of about 50 to 60 trucks.

We remind you that on December 29, 2017, such an infrastructure object was put into operation near the Otaci border post, where an increased flow of traffic is recorded. Similar constructions are also planned in the vicinity of the Giurgiulesti and Costesti customs stations.

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