Vitalie Vrabie: I urge young people to opt for career in Customs Service

Customs Service and the State University of Moldova will collaborate in several areas on promoting training, courses and seminars, as well as providing practical employment in service of graduates who have studied the customs activity.

The provisions are stipulated in a cooperation agreement signed for the first time by the General Director of Customs Service, Vitalie Vrabie and USM director, George Ciocanu. The document aims to establish a sustainable framework for cooperation between Customs Service and USM to achieve a partnership of research projects and scientific theoretical and practical-applied in customs management.

Several officials from the Customs Service, teachers, students studying the discipline have attended the event that took place at the State University headquarters. 

During the discussions, the General Director of the Customs Service spoke about the reform measures undertaken, the importance of customs authority, its contribution to the state budget, but also opportunities for professional development in the customs system, urging young people to opt for a career in the customs system.

"Customs is ready for major changes of modernization and improvement, hence its staff must be highly qualified, responsible and honest. Assignments in service to the Customs will be made only on a competitive basis, in order for the best ones to be selected" , said Vitalie Vrabie.

The USM director, Gheorghe Ciocan said that the agreement will lay the basis of mutual cooperation. At the same time, he expressed his conviction on the progress made by the Customs Service, its reputation, saying he will encourage more young people to study this field.

Publika.MD notes that the Cooperation Agreement has been drawn up on the recommendation of the High Counselor EU, Rosario de Blasio, this measure representing an international practice.

Currently, 600 students have been enrolled at "Customs duty". Also, at the end of the 2016-2017 academic year, 30 people will obtain their master's degrees in the specialty of "Law and customs activity" and another 4 will support their doctoral thesis at the same speciality.

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