Vitalie Vrabie: I am disappointed that customs officers didn't understand my message

The reforms in customs office will continue and will remain the main priority in this sector. The statement was made by the director of the Customs Service, Vitalie Vrabie, during the Fabrika talk show. According to him, this will help develop the country's economy and the work of the entire customs system.

"I am angry and disappointed that customs officers haven't understood our message and did not want to obey. To not admit irregularities, corruption and take bribes in service. Our major concerns is the integrity of Customs officers ", said Director general of the Customs Service, Vitalie Vrabie.

The head of the customs spoke about illegal trafficking of products in our country. He assured that measures are already taken to stop this phenomenon:

"It's a serious problem. Import duty tax has to be charged."

The head of the Association of Businessmen of Moldova, Andrei Crigan said that once these illegalities will be reduced, businesses will benefit:

"It is a phenomenon that must be eradicated. As a solution, the director said that it would be great if we could separate the persons accompanying the goods. "

However, Vitalie Vrabie has asked businessmen to inform the institution about any criminal scheme or abuse of customs officers admitted through Unique Call Center of the Customs Service.
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