Vitalie Vrabie: Customs will serve good-faith exporters

E-declarations, export green corridor, and simplifying the certification of the provenience of goods, these are but few steps undertaken by the Customs Service to better promote exports.

The topics have been discussed at a meeting of managers of exporting companies with top officials from the Customs Service.

The companies are most interested in getting simpler procedures of receiving origin certificates and in getting the status of Approved Exporting Operator, what means their exported won’t have to be examined by customs officers.

98% of the exports are already operated electronically, as 90% are not checked up and sent through the so-called green corridor.

"One of our priorities is to empower the international trade and to create a competitive environment for honest companies. I want to assure you the Customs is and will be here to serve good-faith entrepreneurs," Customs Service head Vitalie Vrabie said.

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