Vitalie Vrabie: Customs Service has the capability to register even bigger growth

Customs Service wishes to accelerate the trend of increasing progress indicators, after in 2017 it registered significant progresses in collecting income for the budget, reveal customs frauds and simplify procedures. For this, all the administrations of this institution will have to revise the action plan, in order to ensure continuous efficiency in this specific activity.

The indication was given by Director-General of Customs Service, Vitalie Vrabie during a meeting reuniting all three customs offices, as well as the subdivision. Their activity will be evaluated within a complex analytic report, where data regarding the progress indicators were included for each division. Such evaluation will offer representatives from mentioned divisions to analyse their results, as well as see what areas require improvement.

In this context, chiefs of Customs have requested the heads of the two departments managing the anti-fraud activity and customs control, as well as Department of integrity and supervision, to revise their action plan depending on the vulnerabilities reported within the activity evaluation for 2017. The impact of this revision will be reported each three months, while if necessary, the Plan will be supplemented with new actions.

"Customs Service has the capability to register eve bigger growth. Evaluations also show that we still have reserve left which, if administrated properly, could bring more success. This will not only allow us to continue growing, noted last year, but also accelerate it considerably" Vitalie Vrabie said.

At the same time, Director-General of Customs Service, mentioned that priorities for 2018 will be full collection of import rights, adding new anti-fraud methods, harmonizing customs legislation, ensure integrity and professionalism of customs officers. Vitalie Vrabie also emphasized on the importance of modernizing the infrastructure and extend the concept of joint border control.

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