Viorel Topa has insulted an Internet user who claims he's mobster from Topa clan

The controversial businessman Viorel Topa has insulted the person who claimed his from the Topa mobster clan. He was displeased by a post of Ana Zatusevschi who stated about "two Mafia clans: Plahotniuc and Topa".

Viorel Topa has used harsh language and called her an insect.

"Viorel Topa has wrote me yesterday evening. Can you imagine the honor? The man was affected and revolted because of a post of mine on facebook, I called him mafia and he replied that I'm an insect. An insect. What do these people have with animals? The journalist Ungureanu is a skunk. And also why is Topa writing me in person? He also blocked me. I had no chance to reply.", wrote Ana Zatuşevschi on Facebook, posting photos and proof of the Topa insulting message.

She mocks the fact that Viorel Topa is irritated.

"If you didn't know, the battle for the country is going on facebook. What will happen if these will have the power, worse than during the Stalinist period" , wrote Ana Zatusevschi.

"Finally, in this context, I should wait for greetings from Plahotniuc also? What should I write abounton facebook, rather that about these two clans. Freedom of speech in this country is somehow like the concept of perished hens and I did not know? By the way, if he stil did not specify what kind of insect am I, I choose to be a bee." , wrote the Internet user.

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