Viorel Morari: Many Socialist MPs could be striped of immunity due to involvement in party illegal financing

A number of Socialist MPs should have been striped of their immunity and investigated in the illegal financing of the Socialist Party file. The statement was made by the former head of the Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office Viorel Morari on a television station on Wednesday.

Morari confirmed that a company belonging to Corneliu Furculiţă borrowed more than 30 million lei from a company in the Bahamas. Later, several Socialist MPs borrowed from this company and financed the party. These are: Petru Burduja, Corneliu Furculiţă, Petru Corduneau, Vasile Bolea, Vladimir Odnostalco.

The former head of the Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office requested information from the FISC regarding the incomes of these MPs.

If the MPs had not listed these amounts of money in the income declarations and conflicts of interests, criminal cases will be initiated. 

Viorel Morari was going to ask the prosecutor general to lift their immunity.

"I didn't find any statements while I was at power. But the Chief Prosecutor of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office cannot forward this referral to Parliament. This depends on the Prosecutor General. The second aspect. Parliament may not accept the lifting of immunity in the case of the respective MPs", said Viorel Morari.

The deputies concerned have not yet commented on Viorel Morari's statements. 



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