Violations of fire security systems detected in educational institutions (PHOTOREPORT)

School and preschool institutions in the country are being checked by inspectors of fire regulations.

During inspections, firefighters payed attention to the escape routes in case of fire. It was also verified the primary sources of interference, but also the way in which the Christmas trees are installed. In some institutions, firefighters discovered irregularities.

At the same time children have done a review of security rules in case of fire.

Special kindergarten for children with hearing impairment and associated placed an automatic fire alarm installed so that it reduces the risk of a fire spreading.

"The sound of smoke detection should he really loud." said Larisa Melentianu, director of special kindergarten nr.167.

Firefighters say they are institutions where irregularities were detected.

"We have situations when doorways were blocked with boxes. The primary means of intervention in case of fire are not always in a visible place." , said Liliana Puscasu, press officer of DSE.

Firefighters are on the home stretch of fire risk assessment in over 1,900 schools and pre-school institutions in the country.
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