Villagers in Orhei to benefit better roads thanks to 'Good Roads for Moldova' program

The inhabitants of two more villages in Orhei district will have better roads. Workers are repairing in Jora de Mijloc and Jora de Sus towns. The works are part of the national program "Good Roads for Moldova", launched at the initiative of the Government.

In the village of Jora de Mijloc, 800 meters of road were repaired and the sidewalks were rehabilitated. 

To repair the road and sidewalks in Jora de Mijloc, 1.5 million lei was spent. And in the neighboring locality, Jora de Sus, the road rehabilitation works are almost over. The workers say they will finish it all this evening.

"At the moment we apply an equalization layer and then apply a layer to complete the repair of this regional road," said Veniamin Macari, representative of a construction company in,= the village of Jora de Sus , Orhei.

In total, repair works are carried on in 66 localities of Orhei. The "Good Roads for Moldova" program was proposed by PDM leader Vlad Plahotniuc and provides for the rehabilitation of about 1200 km of the road. The total amount of the investments will be 1.6 billion lei, money allocated from the Road Fund and the state budget.

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