Villagers from Şendreni to enjoy new and modern medical center

Villagers from Şendreni, Nisporeni district will no longer need to walk 3 km before reaching the nearest general practitioner. Now a new, modern center was build nearby.

"It used to be difficult getting to a general practitioner, now its easy. In winters we could wait for hours for help to arrive."

"Now that it is closer to home, I will be able to address there at need."

"We are glad that the villager's wishes came true. They now have a truly beautiful center."

At the center, meant for 1 400 people, works one general practitioner and two assistants that are happy to work in improved conditions.

"I have been a doctor for 22 years and have noticed that recently, conditions in Moldova are improving. We used to have many doctors, but bad conditions. Now, regretfully, there are good conditions, but no doctors" general practitioner Ana Barila declared.

The old office was renovate and reopened for the public by National Health Insurance Company that spent 1,5 million lei on it.

"We want residents of Şăndreni to enjoy the modern healthcare offered by National Health Insurance Company and authorities from Nisporeni" spokesman Oleg Belbas declared.

Nisporeni Health Center has donated 250 thousand lei, while the district's council 50 thousand lei.

"It is an important project and we are glad that it was done" president of Nisporeni Ghenadie Verdeş said.

"You can see that the environment was friendy in order to reach the nearest general practitioner, now a new center was opened nearby. We are glad that the Ministry of Health and National Health Insurance Company have brought access to medical care where it was needed" chief of Nisporeni Health Center, Vera Tăbăcaru declared.

The new medical center is the seventh of its kind in Nisporeni.

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