Video evidence 2: Footage of Igor Dodon promising that Russia will close Vlad Plahotniuc's criminal files after signing the agreement of federalizing Moldova


Igor Dodn says that Russia promises to close all criminal files of Vlad Plahotniuc after signing the agreement to federalize the country.

The footage was filmed on June 7, 2019, at 12:30 AM.

According to the sources, there is evidence that will be revealed in the following days.

Igor Dodon: When you sign this agreement you will have to write who the Prime Minister will be.
Vladimir Plahotniuc: We will include the Prime Minister. But we haven't discussed it with anyone.
Igor Dodon: We will sign it 2:00 o'clock with you.
Vladimir Plahotniuc: Of course. We have three three candidates and now we can discuss them. You are having a deal only with me, right, not with others?
Igor Dodon: Me?
Vladimir Plahotniuc: No. You, PSRM, the Russians. Who am I disturbing? The Russians?
Igor Dodon: Who are ready to organize your meeting next week with Putin and eliminate all the problems with all the criminal records.
Vladimir Plahotniuc: I cannot do that. I will discredit myself. I honestly tell you; I communicate it as it is.
Igor Dodon: Putin told it to me: 'I personally guarantee'.
Vladimir Plahotniuc: He cannot invite me there as long as I have criminal record there. 
Igor Dodon: I am telling you that Putin said it to me personally, yesterday. I don't have a reason not to believe Putin. He said 'Igor, send the message that I invite him (Plahotniuc) next week together with you, to sit down and discuss how we will act further. Let them not be afraid I offer my personal guarantee'.
Vladimir Plahotniuc: Ok, we will talk about it later. I have certain questions and suspicions.


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