Video cameras could be banned in university classrooms

Video cameras could be banned in university classrooms. 

Based on an ECHR decision on devices violating the right to privacy, the National Center for Personal Data Protection has asked higher education institutions to announce whether they have installed such technical means.

"The Center did not start any control or verification, the Center's purpose was to inform the target subjects that they should make an internal assessment and check whether such cameras exist. No restrictive or binding act was issued by the institution" , said Sergiu Bozianu, Deputy Head, CNPDCP General Directorate of Supervision and Conformity.

At ASEM, for example, there are surveillance cameras, but they are installed at the entrance and hallways.

"After this security measure was taken, we do not have a lot of theft in the institution," said Grigore Belostecinic, ASEM rector.

Lawyers say that the decision taken by the ECHR can also be applied to classrooms in schools.

"I believe that this decision is inapplicable to the video surveillance of BAC exams." It may be necessary to justify the need to supervise these examinations, "said Vitalie Nagacevschi, a lawyer.

Universities must provide information about their cameras within 30 days.

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