Victoriabank releases new way to give loans

Victoriabank team starts a new stage to develop the process of giving loans to the Republic of Moldova citizens. Thus, there were installed three new products: real estate credit, unsecured consumer credit and guaranteed consumer credit and these adjust the most strict rigor in the field of consumer rights protection.

Victoriabank comes to this offer, because they want to be the first option for customers.

The customers will feel the difference from the very beginning, because the additional costs of taking a loan will be reduced:"the commission of offering the loan, the one of monthly administration and the analyze commission will be paid after the credit will be approved.


Victoriabank provides safety, as the interest rate is equitable, based on the reference index calculated by the National Bank of Moldova (NBM), adjusted twice a year + the Bank's fixed margin. 

The financing term for the guaranteed consumer credit up to 10 years has been extended, and for the real estate - up to 25 years. Also, the maximum amount of financing of non-warranted expenditures with guarantees was increased up to 2 million lei and for unsecured consumer credit up to 200 thousand lei.

They will be accepted as sources of credit repayment and income from remittances or dividends, from licensed activities or from abroad, provided that they are duly confirmed.

Recently, Victoriabank has reorganized its main business, retail and corporate business lines in support of a new approach of nearly 570,000 customers. Banca Transilvania and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, as strategic partners, want to continue the growth of Victoriabank and contribute to the consolidation of the banking environment in the Republic of Moldova.
For more details, visit the Victoriabank website, call or visit any branch in the country.


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