Victims of Otaci crashed block of flats are mad on Government

Everything that has agonized for a lifetime has been done with the earth in just a few moments. The inhabitants of the damaged building in the city of Otaci remained alone in the face of the problems and come to the tragedy every day with the hope that they can save something.

The fugitives are desperate to be left to the fate by the authorities, and that five days after the incident no one in the Government led by Maia Sandu was in the territory.

Vladimir Demciuc has lived in this building for more than 20 years, along with his wife and son. On Wednesday night, all three were on the road. The two husbands have found shelter for a relative, and the son has grasped the way of foreign affairs.

"The seventh floor, the apartment 28. There is my apartment, where it is where the whole balcony is made of glass My son is now in Kiev What can we do Everything that I have agonized has burst as I say I do not know what will be The refrigerator can not take it, the washing machine is not all. "Winter clothes, everything is there," said Vladimir Demciuc.

Both spouses are almost 70 years old, and their pension is their only source of income.

"I do not know what I'm going to do next I do not have anything I have everything I have There, sad, what do you think, all my life I've worked on the deposit, let me start something late, who can come to support us, said Vladimir Demciuc.

Also in this block was Vladimir Demciuc's daughter, along with her son. The woman is selling at a grocery store that has become the second home these days.

"We managed to run away with some papers and clothes that we took to the parents in the stairs next to each other, but we still have nothing left there, I stayed there, I stayed over to a friend with my son, I do not know how long I will stay at it I work here today and tomorrow and I do not know where to go and how it will be. "" Here in the store, are you keeping things up? "" Yes, here are two bags, I do not even have a place to go, "said Oxana Gareacica .

People say the most painful thing at this moment is the attitude of the Government.

"The authorities have got used to it, everything is good on the paper, everything is good on TV, but the reality is reality, at least a small compensation, if they do not allow us to live further," Vladimir Demciuc said.

"At least let the authorities help us." The sooner, the better. "We are holding fast." Soothing droplets are using, I can not, my hands, my feet tremble, "said Oxana Gareacica.

On the evening of June 19, while people were evacuated from the block that stood, Interior Minister Andrei Nastase preferred to spend the evening at the Philharmonic.

He was present at the launch of a book dedicated to the poet Mihai Eminescu. The government led by Maia Sandu met only the day after the tragedy, but not to find solutions to help the people they suffered, but to decapitate more state institutions. Only three days after the collapse of the bloc, the Government convened the meeting for exceptional situations.

A tragic event happened a year ago on Moscow's Boulevard in the capital. Then part of a 21-storey block of flats collapsed after an explosion. Five people have lost their lives, among them, a four-year-old. The then prime minister, Pavel Filip, turned the meeting of the Emergency Situation Committee at eight o'clock in the morning to give the victims help. A few hours away, the premier was at the scene of the tragedy to talk to the people.

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