Vice-president of the Central Electoral Committee Rodica Ciubotaru, has resigned

The vice-president of the Central Electoral Committee, Rodica Ciubotaru, which ensures the interim Head of CEC, announced her resignation. 

The announce was made on the institution's page. Rodica Ciubotaru wrote that the last tentative of the Electoral Law modification attempts to the independence of her mandate's exerting and reduces the institution's authority.

Ciubotaru also noted that the modification of the Art.20 of the Electoral Law regarding the way of resignation of the CEC members, which would be carried out by the legislative, could bring to the trust losing in the electoral process and voter's confusing. However, the Law obliges Rodica Ciubotaru to remain into function until the Parliament will name new CEC members. We remind that from the same reason, on July 2, the CEC president, Alina Russu, has resigned. Previously, Iurie Ciocan also submitted his mandate of CEC member.
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