Veterans having fought in Afghanistan and Independence Wars to receive subsidies from state

Participants in the Afghanistan War (ended in 1989) and in the Independence War (ended in 1992) will enjoy unemployment pays and will be offered the opportunity to contribute to drafting social protection policies. The provisions are contained in an accord signed by the Labor Ministry and the representatives of the veteran organizations. The paper also provides for protection measures regarding war disabled, veterans’ widows and relatives. 

The veterans say the professional reintegration is one of their key problems. They also want that the pensions of the war participants should be equal.

"If the former military have relatives decent pensions of about 3,000 lei ($150), the volunteers who came to defend the Homeland will get but 1,000 lei when they retire," said a leader of a veteran organization. 

Labor minister Stela Grigoraş says the policies contained in the agreement are going to contribute to better the veterans’ life standard.

"You have all the openness on our behalf and we’re glad we’re having this constructive dialogue. I am convinced we’ll manage, because we stay together. We wish we were successful in implementing this agreement," she said.

The Government expects constructive ideas from associations in order to build up a dialogue.

"We’ll set up a system of operative response to the veterans’ problems and, through the agency of the Labor, Social Protection and Family Ministry will ensure a better life for our veterans,” said Ion Coropcean, an adviser to the Prime Minister. 

Four veterans associations have signed the accord with the Labor Ministry.

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