Venice Commission on changing the electoral system: Gender equality to be ensured

Venice Commission has published the joint opinion on the change of electoral system in Moldova. Its recommendations highlight the electoral circumscriptions in Transnistrian region and Gagauz autonomy.

Another topic touched is the representative of Diaspora and gender equality in Parliament. Thus, more details concerning the opening of polling stations, signatures and the conduct of the electoral campaign are needed. 

Venice experts want gender equality to be ensured. Thus, political parties are encouraged to ensure an equal representation of men and women among candidates. 

At the same time, experts state that the electoral system can only be change in a broad consensus and lack of polarization in society. 

Thus, the Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu, mentions that the Republic of Moldova is in compliance with the recommendations of the Venice Commission and treats them with due care.

"I am referring to the legal ones, for which we have addressed those experts when we passed the initiative concerning the change of the electoral system" ,  Candu said on his blog.

The Speaker mentioned in his article that he want to refer to a point of these recommendations. The one about polarization and consensus, which contains a subjective side and should be analyzed, in terms of what has happened in recent years.

The Republic of Moldova needs this reform. People want to change our political class, and changing the electoral system is a first step in this direction, according to Andrian Candu. 

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