Vehicles for people with special needs exempted from customs tax

Persons with locomotor disabilities will be exempted from paying customs duties on the import of passenger cars with a cylinder capacity of up to 2 500 cm3, irrespective of the operating period.

In order to benefit from the exemptions, applicants will have to submit a set of acts stipulated in point 17 of the Regulation on the application of tax and customs facilities to the import of vehicles with special purpose (GD no 474/2016). The amendments were approved at today's Executive Meeting.

At the same time, the new amendments considerably simplify the procedure for importing vehicles with special purpose, with the conditions for the car to be appropriately donated or retooled.

Also, such vehicles can be imported with exemptions once every 5 years. Until now, this was only possible after the expiry of the 7-year term.

Another news is that the facilities listed will benefit all people with special needs, regardless of the degree of disability.

The purpose of these changes was to increase the degree of social inclusion of people with disabilities by facilitating their mobility.

The amendments will enter into force with publication in the Official Gazette.

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