Vegetation land near South Bus Terminal caught fire (VIDEO)

A vegetation land caught fire this morning near the South Bus Terminal.

We received the images from a PUBLIKA.MD visitor.

Liliana Puscasu, the spokesman of General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations said that the fire extended on a dry vegetation land.

In the past 24 hours, the firefighters intervened in 98 vegetation fire outbreaks all around the country.

The most difficult situations, they faced in Saratenii Noi village, Telenesti district, where 30 ha of land caught fire. The fire destroyed 10 vegetation hectares in Causeni and Calarasi.

In Coropceni village, Telenesti district 15 ha of vegetation burned. 

The Capital suburbs also registered fire outbreaks, for example, in Singera town, over 50 ha of grass took fire. 

According to the firefighters, the outbreaks put in danger the land surfaces.



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