'I'm not a PD member, but I am a patriot like you, and I stand in front of you because was demonstrated that only PDM, leaded by Plahotniuc, protected the country. Yesterday was a shameful day for Moldova, for all the citizens came to the conclusion that Dodon is corrupted. 

A politician said that he received money, yesterday all of us found out that he was receiving about 800 000 to 1 million Euros from Russians. Today, every citizen of the state, indifferent from which party, religion, it's a patriot or is disposable to betray the country. Of what democracy, what order can we talk about if the state president is recognizing his corrupted actions? When the foreign partners will stop tolerating these illegal actions, when a suited citizen is claiming his need of money and is ready to betray the state for his needs. I am a Russian-speaking Moldovan. It's enough with the differentiation. We must count the fact that we are people of dignity, honor and respect. Aside of embargoes, Russian or European repressions, we stayed in this country because we are patriots. We are here to stop a civil war, to avoid challenges. CC made the decision to organize snap elections. If the opponents want peace for the people, they must accept the new elections', said the activist Veaceslav Valico. 
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