Veaceslav Platon stole 20 billion dollars through Moldinconbank. Two employees of the bank, DETAINED

New detentions in the bank fraud case in Moldova. Two employees of the centre branch of Moldindconbank were detained on tuesday by anticorruption prosecutors for suspected money laundering. The bank belongs to No.1 raider in the CIS, Veaceslav Platon, who is currently detained by Kiev authorities.

According to Head of the Anticorruption Prosecutor Viorel Morari, there are two key officials in the center of Moldindconbank branch. Morari said that they are suspected of money laundering, but declined to provide more details for now.

Earlier last week, two other employees of Moldindconbank were detained after anti-corruption prosecutors researched offices and homes of employees.

The same day, Moldovan authorities have started the international search of Veaceslav Platon, who is charged with allegedly compromising Banca de Economii with one billion lei. Platon was detained in Kiev, Ukraine and magistrates have issued an arrest warrant in his name for 40 days. Meanwhile, Moldovan prosecutors have requested the extradition of Platon.

According to an investigation by , during 2010 - 2014, Veaceslav Platon stole 20 billion dollars through Moldindconbank accounts and dozens of offshore companies. The money was transferred from Russia to Moldova, and the to a bank in Latvia. Subsequently, the transfers were made to several offshore companies.

Moldovan press wrote about Platon's involvement in the bankruptcy of Energoatom nuclear station in Ukraine. He also drew investigators attention in the neighboring country for more attempts to abuse ukrainian banks.

In 2009, the controversial businessman was about to be arrested for suspicion of attempted hold in extremely large quantities of goods. The fact that Veaceslav Platon was the candidate for deputy from 'Alianta Moldova Noastra' has been an obstacle for prosecutors.

His name appears in a criminal case. Three years later, in 2012, Platon said he bought the place on the AMN electoral list to be deputy and thus take advantage of parliamentary immunity.

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