Veaceslav Platon risk two years more in jail after using phone in prison

Chisinau City Prosecutor's Office initiated a criminal trial after a phone was detected in the cell of Veaceslav Platon. Accordingly, it was opened for the transmission of prohibited objects in prison, an offense punishable by a fine of up to 15,000 lei or up to two years in prison.

The cell in the Penitentiary no.13 in Chisinau, where Veaceslav Platon is detained, was searched last week after the press published information that Platon used Skype to attend a court process in Ukraine. 

According to the Justice Ministry spokeswoman, a telephone was detected in the cell. 

"Following the searches, a 6S Iphone with operational GSM sim card was found. Necessary materials have been collected in accordance with Article 273, Code of criminal procedure", said MARIA PERŢEVA. 

Moreover, the Ministry initiated an investigation to find out how this phone was transported to the prisoner. 

According to the press, Veaceslav Platon attended a court hearing in Kiev Appeal Court by Skype. Within this process, magistrates examined the complaint of Platon's lawyers from Ukraine against the first instance decision which rejected the challenge over his extradition (August 2016 in Moldova). 


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