Valeriu Munteanu violates intellectual property law. Candidate uses soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean in his electoral spot

Liberal candidate for Chisinau Mayor, Valeriu Munteanu after using Ennio Morricone music, now uses soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean in the electoral spot. 

Valeriu Munteanu is washing his hands and claims that this spot is his electoral staff. 

"The use of this song is full of symbolism, and the main actors in this film Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom fought in the Caribbean Pirates with some evil spirits I'm trying to find the stolen billion like captain Jack Sparrow found the stolen trunk. "

According to the legislation, the protection of a musical work ceases 70 years after the composer's death.

Klaus Badelt, a German composer, was born in 1967 and is 50 years old.

This is not the first time that Valeriu Munteanu does not respect the intellectual property law. Previously, in another promotional spot, he used the song of Italian composer Ennio Morricone "La Piovra" without signing a contract with the author. 

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