Valeriu Munteanu: Andrei Năstase fearful of electoral debates

PPDA candidate at Chisinau City Hall, Andrei Năstase, is fearful of electoral debates because he is unaware of the city problems.

That is how the politician was tagged by his liberal counter-candidate, Valeriu Munteanu, who claims that Năstase refuses to participate in a televised confrontation with the liberal representative.

"I qualify Mr. Năstase's refusal to come to these debates today as a fear, as a fear of coming to talk about programs," said the liberal counter-candidate.

Munteanu also said he is ready to go to a debate even on Năstase-affiliated television, Jurnal TV. 

The Liberal candidate agrees to show moderated by Vasile Năstase, the eldest brother of DA candidate. 

"If the most comfortable place is Jurnal Tv, I accept to come to the debates there. And if the most comfortable show to him is moderated by Vasile Năstase, I'll come to the debate in that show", said Valeriu Munteanu.

Asked by a Prime TV journalist if he accepts another invitation from Munteanu, Andrei Năstase refused to answer.

"Personally, I followed the invitations made by news agencies, radio stations, radio stations, to participate in the electoral debates. The first debate I had was with IPN, in the company of Mr. Munteanu, Mr. Costiuc and Mr. Roşco. For various reasons, I could not go, my colleagues represented me successfully, "said Andrei Năstase.

According to the latest polls, neither Valeriu Munteanu nor Andrei Nastase will come in the second round.


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