Valeriu Munteanu about ACUM-PSRM Praetors appointments: The transparency of decisions can wait

The transparency of decisions can wait. This way commented the former liberal Valeriu Munteanu Praetors appointments by the PSRM-ACUM Alliance. 

'The PSRM-ACUM coalition algorithm is a tremendous one and the decisions transparency might wait a while. As I was saying in the last week, the ACUM-PSRM Alliance made a hidden share of Praetors and Deputy Praetors of Chisinau, without waiting for any City Hall elections and this way the Riscani Pretura belongs to the Socialists, where the Praetor is Vlad Melnic and the Deputy Praetor - Vitalie Mucan', mentioned Munteanu.

Also, the former liberal says that the local elections 'will turn the people against the non-transparent governance'.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that Vlad Melnic is the new Praetor of Riscani sector. The Praetor function of Riscani sector remained vacant a week ago, after Nicolae Balaur's dismissal by Adrian Talmaci.
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