Valeriu Halupa confirms Renato Usatii ordered Gherman Gorbunţov's murder

Valeriu Halupa, the accomplice of the killer Vitalie Proca said, within the Fabrika talk-show that Renato Usatii ordered to kill the banker Gherman Gorbuntov.

''Ion Druta called me and we met. He was with Oleg Timosenko and proposed me to go to England to check an address and find out if the man who own them a sum of money lives there. I didn't know who are they talking about. I accepted, because I have Romanian passport. I arrived to that address, but nobody lived there. The person from the picture they gave me was not there. I called and told them about it and returned back home. After a month, Ion Druta called me again and told me to go to another two addresses: to his office and at his home. They paid my tickets and I left. I found the person. 

Then, Ion Druta called me and told me I should meet with a guy. In a couple of dais, Vitalie Proca called me and I had a meeting with him. He was looking for a host. He asked where my address is, when I told him, he asked me to follow him, because it is hard for him to orientate alone. We went to the office of Gherman Gorbuntov, also, we went at his home and then I left home.

I saw Cliford, Proca was there. I know that Proca knows Ion, because he stayed in prison with his brother. [...] I know that Proca went to a village and took a passenger who gave him the money and the next day, he was already imprisoned and was looking for money for a lawyer. Ion Druta helped him. Ion Druta was the organizer of the assassination scheme, while Proca was the executor. When I found out this information, when I saw at the TV that this happened, they showed Proca's face. Then I understood what happened. I understood I was involved in a terrible scheme.

When I saw the case on TV, I went to the General Prosecution and declared I was involved in the scheme. I told everything as it is. The next day, Ion Druta called me and ask why have I done to the Prosecution. From his words: ''Usatii called me, the people who ordered this are very important in our country, they have big influences and told me not to have worries.'' He told me Usatii called him and told him I went at the Prosecution. The first testimonials of the case were made by me.

I told Ion I don't know who ordered this, I only went to London to verify the address. I didn't contact with anybody.

About the meeting of Proca-Plahotniuc-Druta: Who could have met with Proca? It is a joke. I don't think Plahotniuc had a meeting with Proca. Proca wants to make money, to return the money to the persons he owns. 

About Ghenadie Vechiu (alias Cliford) and Oleg Timoșenko (alias Timoha). In the last period, before this case, in Pisateli's club there were Proca, Clifor and Vanea. I remember that Cliford and Usatii were talking about that often. I didn't know who ordered the crime, then. We knew he owns money and he will return it.

Who is Proca afraid of- I don't think somebody threatens his family, maybe he has other problems. I know his wife was imprisoned for a year in Moscow, because she bought something on fake money. They also have some penal incidents. But, nowadays, everybody has problems.

I don't know what does Usatii want, but I am home. I think he is afraid I can tell something. I told everything I know. I was the first witness. I am in Moldova and I am not going to go anywhere. I will make testimonials and I am going to tell the truth'', declared Valeriu Halupa within the Fabrika talk show.

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