Valeriu Ghiletchi denies fake news about him that ricochet across the internet

A fake news about me ricochets across the internet. Thus, Valeriu Ghiletchi the candidate who runs on No.51 constituency, the USA and Canada commented on the article about the voting polls opened in the USA, by The journalists also wrote that Valeriu Ghiletchi is involved in a process of opening voting polls in the Baptists churches.

Valeriu Ghiletchi said that the American authorities opened voting polls in the Baptist churches during their elections. 

"The churches are community centers. As a result, all these blames are useless. At the last elections, many other people voted for Maia Sandu in the same voting polls. But nobody commented. It is not an impediment to open a voting poll in a church", said Valeriu Ghiletchi, candidate on No.51 constituency, USA and Canada. 

Also, Valeriu Ghiletchi said that the information regarding the nine voting polls placed in churches or near them are also wrong.

"The voting poll from Sacramento will be opened near Firebird Moldovan restaurant. There are no churches near Sacramento voting poll", said Valeriu Ghiletchi, candidate on No.51 constituency.

As a reaction, wrote another article that says they are letting the reader to draw his own conclusions on this case. At the same time, the newsroom says that Valeriu Ghiletchi doesn't have evidence to prove his arguments. At the parliamentary elections, in the USA, 12 voting polls will be open, five more than for the presidential elections.

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