Valentine's Day caused lines to form in markets. Men rush to purchase flowers for their beloved ones

For Valentine's Day men wish to gift their beloved ones flowers. Due to this, the market from Calea Basarabiei Street, Chisinau, was filed with people since last evening.

Some claim that they wish to purchase flowers earlier in order to avoid long lines during the day:

"It is a beautiful holiday, we are young, we truly love each other and I believe my wife to deserve all the flowers in the world for the beautiful two children she gave me."

"I love my wife very much. Therefore, I came to purchase beautiful flowers to gift to my beloved woman."

The prices also pleases the eyes. A rose can be purchased for 30 and 50 lei, while a tulip, for 10 and 15 lei: "Prices are affordable."

Still, some sellers claim that they have less clients this year: "Sales this year are bad."

Valentine's Day is celebrated all over the world on 14th February, especially in the Western world.

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