Vadim Iusub: CSI countries could be envy on Moldova, because of its economic growth

Moldova could make the CSI countries envy , as they are a couple of steps behind us regarding the economic development. This conclusion belong to Vadim Iosub, Belarus analyst.

The expert said that the goods export in the last eight months increased by 30% and it is worth 1,7 million USD.

Almost 70% of the goods were exported in Europe and 16% in CSI. The export raisend in Romania, the Netherlands and France, while in Russia it decreased.


The survey showed that the fiscal incomes increased by 15,4% in 2018 (3,7 billion lei)

The reserve assets reached 3 billion USD.

The expert also said that due to the fiscal payments, the state budget of our country will be supplemented by 1 billion 700 million lei yearly.

Vadim Iosub refers to the positive prognosis of IMF, according to which, Moldova will register an economic growth of 3,8%.

In Ukraine, the growth will be of 3,5%, while in Russia 1,8%.


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