Vadim Ceban: The average purchase price for 2020 will be $ 173-175/1000 m3

The average purchase price for 2020 will be $ 173-175 per thousand cubic meters, announces Vadim Ceban, the head of the Administrative Board of the Moldovagaz stock company. 

According to him, Moldova bought Russian gas at an average price of $ 217 / thousand cubic meters in 2018, at an average price of $ 222 per thousand cubic meters in 2019. 

Moreover, Ceban said Moldova will extend the gas contract with the Russia's Gazprom for the next three years. 

"We will sign a contract with Gazprom this week or no later than next week", said Ceban. 

It remains unclear how much the final consumers will be charged for gas purchase in 2020. But the tariff will increase if Moldova does not receive gas directly from Gazprom, according to the Moldovagaz leader. 

He also said that the tariff for the final consumers will depend on the fact that "Moldovagaz" will reach an agreement with ANRE regarding the rescheduling of the financial deviations of the company.



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