Vadim Brinzan minister held meeting with Dereck J.Hogan Ambassador. What did they discuss about

Vadim Brinzan, the minister of Economy and Infrastructure held a meting with Dereck J.Hogan, the USA Ambassador in the Republic of Moldova. Within the discussion, the officials pointed out the achievements realized by the two countries and counted the projects that they have in energy, infrastructure, IT fields.

Vadim Brinzan talked about the future plans and the measures that the Ministry of Economy team should implement. 

"One of the most important priorities of the Government is to provide as many energetic resources as possible. We will make everything possible in order to avoid the impediments that stay in front of our targets. We will also make sure that Chisinau-Ungheni pipeline will be built."

Derek J.Hogan ambassador mentioned that the USA supports that projects of the new Cabinet of Ministers and the value that they promote. Moreover, the official highlighted the importance of creating a judicial transparent system, new jobs, to provide the energetic security. At the same time, the Ambassador said that our country registered a progress over the past period. 

Also, the parts revealed the solutions in the IT field and said that these are successful. 

Derek J.Hogan Ambassador congratulated Vadim Brinzan for being named in the office of the Minister of Economy and Infrastructure. 

In the Republic of Moldova there are 405 companies with American investment capital. The total value of the investments reach 527,752 million lei. The USA ranks eight among the countries that invest in Moldova.


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