Vacation schedule ended in government. EU Association Agreement prioritized in 2018

Moldovan deputies went back to work today, ending the vacation session. The provision regarding vacation period was signed by the Parliament President, Andrian Candu. In addition, the spring session will start on February 1st, 2018. 

Projects for implementation of the EU Association Agreement, laws on fights against corruption, as well as justice reforms are priorities of 2018, say Democratics. 

"We will introduce the strategic objective of European integration development in the Constitution.  The draft is already registered. We will also focus on improving justice system so that it will be become more efficient," said PDM PM Sergiu Sârbu

PLDM deputies say they will insist on organizing several parliamentary hearings.

"We will insist on parliamentary scrutiny, especially on hearings, the reports of the competent state authorities, such as the public prosecutor and all the authorities subordinated to Parliament in order to make sure they do their duty," said PLDM MP Iurie Ţap.

Liberals say they will deal with the idea of Romania Union. 

"2018 is centenary of Union, we will do everything to promote this idea as well as salary and pension increase," said Mihai Ghimpu, Liberal Deputy. 

The Legislative Regulation provides that the spring session begins in February and can not go beyond the end of July. The autumn session 2017 ended on 22 December last year. 

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