Utramarathonist Iulian Bercu back home after running in New Zealand Racing The Planet

Moldovan sportsman Iulian Bercu has returned home after running 250 km in New Zealand Racing The Planet utramarathon. 

He managed to be the 15th runner reaching the final among 180 participants, representing 35 countries. 

Iulian Bercu spent seven days running and carrying 17-kilogram backpack under unpredictable conditions on an extremely dangerous route.

He said it deserved his effort, praising the breathtaking views he experienced in the race. 

The French sportsman championed the utramarathon. An U.S participant was runner-up and an Australian athlete ranked third place. 

The youngest participant is 18 years old and the oldest is 74 years old.

Iulian Bercu proposed to participate next year in a competition in the Alps where he will have to run continuously for 330 kilometers.

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