UTM holds free preparation courses for Baccalaureate exam

It's time for Baccalaureate exam. To help students cope with this challenge, Teachers of the Technical University organize free courses for this exam. 

Courses cover lessons on mathematics, physics, computer science. If students fail to attend classes, they can access to lessons online.    

Courses are held every Saturday and will run until May 25th. Future graduates say that classes are very useful:

"They are absolutely important and useful".

"We prepare good knowledge fur the exam very well thanks to the effort of teachers".

According to the officials of the Technical University of Moldova, the number of young people who want to attend free courses has increased considerably.

"Last year there were 150 registrations and over 400 candidates registered this year. Around 70% of candidates last year became students of the Technical University".

In order to benefit from these courses, young people have to make a preliminary registration on the Technical University of Moldova page.

Such courses are organized for the fourth consecutive year.

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