Usatîi's friend, drug dealer Nicolae Hacico, remains in custody

The "Our Party" member, Nicolae Hacico, a close friend of Renato Usatâi, who was arrested for drug trafficking, remains in custody.

The Court of Appeal dismissed the call of lawyers who have appealed the decision of the Central Court for the 30 days arrest.

Usatîi's buddy has been detained on September 13, and got really scared when he saw the masked peopla and handcuffs.

The press wrote that he had lied to two Israeli citizens in our country that they can legally grow plants with psychotropic effects and has issued a license for their activity for an amount of 25,000 euros. Businessmen have been importing cannabis seeds from Netherlands, ans started growing them in Moldova.

If found guilty, Usatîi's friend risks up to seven years in prison.

Nicolae Hacico was the 29th on the list of the party led by the mayor of Balti town at the parliamentary elections of 2014 and the 14th in the list for the Chisinau municipal council in 2015.

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