USA offers Republic of Moldova 3.5 million USD for child protection projects and develop mass media

The Government has approved during today's session the signing of an amendment to the Assistance Agreement on ensuring an efficient and responsible democratic governance, signed in September 2016 at Chisinau, between the Government of Republic of Moldova and United States of America.

According to the document, USA will offer technical assistance worth 3.5 million USD, additionally to the total 36.1 million USD funds. The money will be used on projects in the field of child protection ("My Childhood" program - 2 million USD) and to develop independent mass media (1.5 million USD).

Beneficiaries will be Ministry of Health, Labour and Social Protection, independent mass media professionals, especially those implicated in local and international movie making.

The initiative to sing an amendment belongs to USA and does not include financial commitment from Republic of Moldova. It will following be signed in Chisinau, in May 2018. To this moment, within the Agreement were offered 16 million USD.

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