USA offers Moldova over 11 million US dollars for economic development

Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Chiril Gaburici, has participated today at the launching of USAID program for Structural Reforms in Moldova.

The programs aims to improve the business environment and trade in the country, by assisting Governmental institutions and the private sector to implement faster the mechanism of trade liberalization, to implement structural reforms, contribute to the stimulation of the business environment and improve the collaboration between the private sector and public workers.

"We encourage for pressure to be reduced from the business environment, as well as the expenses, including the spending for import and export" director of USAID mission to Moldova, Karen Hiliard said.

"This event is crucial for us, in the context of reform implementation promoting Republic of Moldova's Government. I believe that only by working together can we become an European country, by ensuing high standard of living, develop the national economy, increase the demand and competition of local products" Chiril Gaburici declared.

According to Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, evaluating the commerce in Republic of Moldova, initiated by the new USAID program, is a necessary step for a better understanding of existing constraints and blockages.

"Taking into consideration that the IT sector is prioritized, I believe it is important to establish the base of a digital economy in Republic of Moldova. We are open to manage changes in legislation and institutions, to advance in the creation of digital economy, which will contribute to the economic and social development of the country, rise the potential and create new workplaces in Moldova" Chiril Gaburici declared.

At the event attended United States Ambassador to Moldova, James D. Pettit, who accentuated that Republic of Moldova continues to prove that it wishes to improve the business environment. "This program will help forming an open, dynamic, competitive national economy, concentrating on the private sector and alliances as it is done in modern commerce. We are happy to support the improvement of the business environment in Republic of Moldova, aimed to attract more foreign investors and global economic integrity. By implementing reforms, not only will Moldova's economy benefit, but also the lives of the citizens" James D. Pettit said.

Minister Chiril Gaburici expressed his gratitude toward the U.S. Federal Government for the offered support and assured that all efforts will be made to realize the reforms agenda.

The USAID program for Structural Reforms in Moldova has four components: improving the harmonization and implementation of international trade agreements, implementing structural reforms to improve the business environment, implicating partners to create coalitions and achieve results through strategic communication, improving commerce.

Representatives of the business environment and experts from the field consider those changes necessary.

"We always longed for those reforms, despite being inspired by international practice, they must always keep in mind the national context" director of AmCham Moldova, Mila Mailarău said.

"They understood that the hardest challenge for Moldova is not ensuring access to the market, but creating competition. All those facts create a favorable business environment and obviously, Moldova needs such a thing" economic expert, Veaceslav Ioniță said.

USA offered technical assistance to Republic of Moldova, through United States Agency for International Development (USAID), of 11.2 million US dollars. The program will last four years.

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