US WARNING regarding interference of Russia in democratic electoral processes in other countries, including Moldova

The subject of Russia's interference in democratic electoral processes in other countries is increasingly in the international press. In a live intervention at US television station Fox News, Senator John Barrasso warned of the danger posed by Moscow. 

"Putin has been involved in elections in other countries. I recently met with the ambassador of the Republic of Moldova, there will be elections in February, and they feel the pressure exerted by Putin trying to vote", said Senator John Barrasso. 

The interference in the election, as well as the aggressive actions, such as the one against Ukraine and the recent violent incident in the Kerch Strait, must cause the US to respond to it, said the US official.

"I think we have to do more in that region because Putin reacts only to force and power. The words do not mean anything to him, Putin feels weak, seeks, always tries, always forces the limits, seeks opportunities to annex new territories, will use any opportunity to deceive", said John Barrasso, US Senator. 

In the United States, an investigation into Russia's involvement in the 2016 presidential election is under way. Accusations on the Kremlin's interference in electoral processes have already been made in France, the Netherlands and the Baltic countries. Moldova is constantly targeting cyber attacks and manipulation and misinformation campaigns conducted by Russia.

Another pressure tool used by Moscow is supplying energy, and Moldova is dependent on imported gas from Gazprom.

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