US Government to continue its support for Customs Service on prevention of radiation hazards

The General Director of Customs Service, Vitalie Vrabie has met with representatives of Program Detection and Prevention of Smuggling of Nuclear Substances (NSDD), funded by the US government.

The meeting took place during a visit to assess the level of implementation of the project by the beneficiaries.

Under this program, initiated in 2011, 22 border customs posts were equipped with portal monitors to detect the nuclear threat, since the current Customs Service has a mobile radiation detection system.

In addition to donations of technical equipment, the program also provides employee training, as well as assistance in performing maintenance. In this context, considering the reorganization of the Customs Service, the parties agreed to train more people within the customs authority in the field of nuclear and radiation safety. They will deliver the knowledge gained by inspectors of customs posts with such equipment.

General Director of Customs Service, Vitalie Vrabie thanked the representatives of the program for the assistance from the US government throughout the period of cooperation and noted that the Customs Service will make every effort to ensure the sustainability of the project so that it is possible to extend it to other customs posts.

In turn, the program manager, Jared Carter has congratulated Vitalie Vrabie for the effectiveness of the project implementation and expressed his willingness to support all initiatives aimed at improving the work of the Customs Service in nuclear and radiation safety.

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