US Embassy offered 56 TETRA radio to Moldovan Police

US Embassy in cooperation with PNUD Moldova offered the Moldovan Police 56 TETRA radio  (52 portable stations and 4 mobile ones).

The new equipment will be utilized in the daily activity of the Fulger Police Brigade with Special Destination, the bicycle patrolling service  of the National Patrol Inspectorate (10 portable stations)  and the Center for Judicial Expertise of IGP (a mobile station).

The mobile TETRA stations permit the policemen to exchange the information very fast, in less than three seconds, with a high security level, as the information is encrypted. The policemen also can access the data bases that they need, really fast.  

"A fast and secure communication within the police offers the possibility to intervene fast when the citizens need help, or in a dangerous situation. It is necessary for all the mobile patrolling teams, sector officers, Fulger brigade and other policemen to be equipped with these tools, thus, citizens will be safer", mentioned Alexandru Pinzari, the chief of the National Police. 

The GPS of the radios have a permanent localization of the stuff or the vehicle, thorough special applications. Another option of the stations is "man down", which finds the lack of the policemen's movements or finds if the policemen's position is horizontal and makes an emergency call or sends a message to the dispatch.

At the same time, the radio stations can be used in critic situation, especially within natural disasters caused by humans or unfavorable meteorologic conditions.

The total value of the equipment offered to the Moldovan Police, due to PNUD project and funded by USA Government is 70 000 USD.

Now, only 512 policemen from 9 000 have a TETRA station. Within the police reform, the Ministry of Internal Affairs wants to extinguish the communication network, which will cover not only the police's necessities, but the ones of the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations too.


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