US and Sweden to provide 22 million dollars funding for domestic industry

Moldova's main industry sectors, including wine and tourism will benefit from nearly 22 million dollars from the US and Sweden in the next four years. 

The money will increase competitiveness in the local market and the export. The US Agency for International Development and the Swedish Government has signed on December 19th, a cooperation agreement on the implementation of the Competitiveness Project in our country.

"Together with our partners from the Swedish Embassy, we intend to support major industries in Moldova contributing to 40 percent of exports to this country. These industries include wine sector, the tourism sector, the clothing sector and IT" , said James D. Pettit, ambassador to Moldova

"By offering support in several key sectors of Moldova, the USAID Competitiveness Project helps increasing the industry's competitiveness in domestic and international markets and expand trade relations, particularly with the European Union".

The USAID Competitiveness Project of Moldova began in 2015 and will end in 2020. It requires the support of 450 businesses who will register a growth in the country and export. Accordingly, jobs will be provided and the poverty and migration will be reduced. Moreover, 18 thousand Moldovans will improve their professional skills through centers of excellence and innovation.
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