Urban bus park looking for 45 bus drivers and 60 tax collector

Urban bus park are looking for 45 vacancies for bus driver and 60 vacancies for tax collector.

The Chisinau City Hall has purchased 25 new buses which are running through the city. 

Administration of the park offers future drivers salaries of 8000 lei and tax collectors salaries of 5000 lei in good working conditions. 

Anatolie Ghileţchi has been a bus driver for almost three decades. His work is not easy at all as the job requires intensive concentration. 

"Driving the bus through the city, you have to be careful. When you stop at the station, you have to look at the mirror to see if everyone get off, then shut the doors", said Anatolie Ghileţchi.

In order to apply for the job of driver, person should have a D and E driving license. For the job of tax collector, person should hold at least a secondary school degree. 

Since the recruitment ads was published, three people came to apply for tax collector and four people came to apply for driver. 



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