Unused assets from industrial parks sold through direct negotiations with residents

Unused assets within industrial parks can be sold through direct negotiations with residents, meaning those that operate in parks. This decision was approved in today's meeting of the Government.

According to authors of the draft, the measure will be brought into circuit unused assets and will  ensure their orientation toward industrial park infrastructure development, increasing investment and creating new jobs.

Negotiations and whole trading process will be organized by a special committee created within the industrial park, and the value of assets subject to trading will be determined by a licensed specialist in the field. At the same time, the original sales price should not be lower than expected on the market.

The funds obtained from the sale of assets will be used primarily for the payment of the dept to the state budget managers and investment in the development of industrial parks.

In moldova nine industrial parks operate with different specializations activity, including in agriculture, manufacturing and production, as well as IT services.

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