Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse to be celebrated in Washington

This year the Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse will be celebrated for the second time in Washington DC. The festivity will begin on June 20, one day before summer’s solstice, and will end on June 24 (“Sanziene” traditional festival/fair – part of Romanian local folklore).

Initiated and coordinated by the online community “La Blouse Roumaine”, the event is a good opportunity to promote a nice Romanian tradition and also to create “a country brand recognized all over the world”.

To mark the festivity in Washington DC, will be organized a meeting, in front of Lincoln Memorial, on June 22, at 6pm. Everybody will wear Romanian traditional blouses and will take pictures with other Romanian traditional popular items.

La Blouse Roumaine is a movement that grew organically, around the image and meaning of the Romanian blouse, IA.

Read more at the Romanian Embassy in Washington DC.

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