United States of America is interested in Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine being independent

"In the name of the United States Congress we support along with Transatlantic Alliance Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia in the field of the sovereignty and security. We know that soon general elections will take place, while the risk of Russia meddling is great, which is why we will help you on the multidimensional level" Paul Ryan, President of the United States House of Representatives, United States Congress declared, during a meeting with Andrian Candu and his counterparts from Georgia and Ukraine.

The US official highlighted that he understand the regional situation, the unfolding hybrid war, mentioning that the United States of America is interested in the those three countries being independent, in those countries developing and being closer to the west, as only this way can they ensure prosperity to the citizens. 

Paul Ryan expressed his concerned to the three Presidents of the Parliaments, regarding the Nord Stream2 project, which he declared to be political and not economic, affecting the energy security form the zone. "We can be part of the energy solution for Europe" Ryan said.

In his turn, Andrian Candu expressed his gratitude to the President of the United States House of Representatives for the support and personal implication, as well as both chambers of the United States Congress for their commitment to Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine. President of the Parliament declared that the Republic of Moldova wishes to be part of the Western world and appreciates the encouragement and support offered by the United States. Andrian Candu requested for the two resolutions supporting the Republic of Moldova to be voted at the United States Congress, one of the document being about the withdrawal of Russian troops from Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.

President of Moldova Parliament, along with his counterparts from Ukraine and Georgia, accompanied by the speaker of Lithuania and the deputy chairman of the legislature in Poland, are performing for the first time a visit to USA, during 25 June - 1 July, to request United State's full and active engagement in the region.

The visit comes after the joint commitment to promote security and reform policies for the European integration of the three states from the Eastern Partnership, assumed at the Summit which took place in Chisinau on 2nd March and institutionalized in Kiev by creating the interparliamentary Assembly Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia.

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