Unionists gather in front of Russian Embassy: Have a good national day! Go home!

Members of Association UNIREA - ODIP have gathered in front of Russian Embassy in Chisinau. The Unionists organized a flash mob dedicated to National Day of Russian Federation. 

"We are here to help the traitor to pack their suitcase and leave the companion with Dodon. He set up a barbaric action to take over our country and gave Putin. Two years he ran to Moscow and washes Putin's shoes", said a protester. 

"We will come here until the army leaves our country. Years ago, we were here with a cross, last year we came with red water bucket, this year, we have a bucket and collect money for tickets for the army. We condemn the visit of Kozak, who wants federalization. Like Rogozin, he must be declared persona non grata till the army withdraws", said Vlad Bileţchi, President of Association UNIREA - ODIP.

"The Russian army must be withdrawn from our country. Russia should remember that Moldova is not yours. Putin withdraws the army off our country. Happy National Day! Go home!", voiced the protesters. 

Also, Unionists also remind that a state's army should protect and defend the country and its citizens from foreign aggression and dangers. 



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