UNINOMINAL VOTING: Unions Confederation supports change of electoral system

The National Confederation of Trade Unions from Moldova (CNSM) backs the idea of introducing the uninominal voting system, arguing it can enhance the degree of social-economic protection of employees and the responsibility of lawmakers.

A Declaration adopted yesterday by the CNSM reads:

“[…] The CNSM, as a key component of the civil society, which represents the interests of union members and employees, cannot be indifferent to the problems concerning the politics, the civil society and entire society.

Taking into account that the uninominal voting system is a key issue, the CNSM considers necessary to expose its view on the matter society is concerned so much with.

[…] If implemented, the uninominal constituency-based system will enhance the checks and balances system generating new opportunities, since this system is aimed to attain the benefit of every citizen by maximizing the public wellness and social interests.

Union activists may thus really benefit from the opportunity of having direct contact with elected politicians in solving social problems of employees, related to decent salaries, labor protection, improving labor conditions, promoting drafts concerning fundamental rights, improving labor legislation, etc.

The politicians will thus also get the opportunity to learn of the employees’ problems from the unions.

Finally, the members of Parliament will genuinely have to be close to citizens and work for the benefit of people, including employees […],” reads the declaration of the CNSM.

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