Uninominal voting system, supported by war veterans: We care about the country's future

The Filip government is more actively involved in supporting veterans of war. The statement was made by war veterans who represent seven public associations during a press conference.

They appreciated the gesture of the current government, which has so far managed to allocate more than four million lei for the purchase of houses for 92 veterans.

Members of the organizations also appreciated that the Government have set a 500 lei allowance for relatives of veterans decorated after with the Order of the Republic.

"The increase of the social protection for war invalids is assured" said Victor Sprincean, the war veteran's representative.

In another context, war veterans said they would also support the modification of the current electoral system. They say that the uninominal voting system will make their wishes heard.

"Corrupt politicians will no longer be in the Parliament under cover of party lists. The direct vote will express voters' perceptions and will generate the parliamentary majority and stability. We support the initiative because we care for the future of this country and our children's future" , said Victor Sprincean.

At the end of the conference, all veterans in the country were called upon to actively engage in the removal of the consequences of last week's blizzard.

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